What is ophthalmology?

Veterinary Ophthalmology is the study of animal eyes of all species (with the exception of humans!) Animal eyes are highly complex, finely tuned organs that have evolved to provide optimum vision for the needs of each individual species. Eyes can be quite unforgiving when it comes to disease management and all too often veterinary patients are not the best at communicating the presence of a painful or vision threatening condition. Early and accurate diagnosis reduces the risk of vision impairment and provides an optimum outcome for your patients. For this reason, ophthalmic conditions can be quite challenging and referral may be necessary.

What does a veterinary ophthalmology examination involve?

VOS perform the veterinary ophthalmic consultation in the familiarity of your consult rooms with the owner present providing comfort and reassurance for their pet. The examination takes between 5-10 minutes and involves the use of specialised equipment and painless tests. Most patients get used to these new instruments very quickly and often surprise their owners with their good behaviour and manners! Once the examination is complete we will fully discuss the case with the owner, providing diagrams and handouts to ensure that all details of the disease process have been discussed. You are provided with a full examination report for your records.

How do we work with veterinary partners?

Our veterinary partners are located in and around the eastern suburbs of Melbourne where we perform on-site advanced ophthalmic consulting and surgical services for their patients.

We are dedicated to helping as many pets as possible but have limited availability to expand our existing services. If you are interested in offering an on-site veterinary ophthalmology service for your patients with challenging eye problems please contact us for an outline on what we can offer your clinic.

What sort of animals do you treat?

We treat all animal’s eyes.

Will VOS treat any other medical issues while attending to the patient?

You will have referred your patient to us for an eye problem and we concentrate on that issue exclusively. If there are any other disease processes present we will refer the patient back to you for your expert opinion and treatment. Systemic diseases involving the eye will require us to work together to provide optimum treatment for the affected patient.

Why don’t you offer cataract surgery and lens luxation surgery?

Cataracts affect animals of all ages. They cause vision impairment and blindness and their presence in the eye leads to inflammation (uveitis) and potential glaucoma (high pressure inside the eye). In the 21st century veterinary patients are now offered the same cataract surgery as their human owners, providing the patient with excellent long term outcomes. Cataract surgery involves the use of highly specialised equipment, a dedicated surgical theatre and highly trained nursing staff. The outcome of cataract surgery is highly dependent on many factors and there are currently several veterinary ophthalmology clinics offering this procedure with dedicated on-site facilities.

Veterinary Ophthalmology Services is dedicated to providing the highest level of care for your patients at your clinic and this is best suited to extraocular surgery.

We are however happy to provide advice on the medical management of cataracts should the owner prefer to not proceed with surgery.

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